Who is HelloOtter for?
HelloOtter is perfect for anyone who likes to play. Adults and kids alike. We have fun features made for adults and for kids.

How many people can I chat with at one time?
Up to 75 people

Can I use HelloOtter on my mobile device?
We will be live on iOS and Android soon!

How do I invite someone to a call?
Sign in, click on “Contacts,” add your friends and family through the Import button or click on “Invite” and invite anyone you want to chat with! We’ll send an email and let them know you’ve invited them! Once they sign up, you’ll be able to directly call each other.

How much does HelloOtter cost?
Signing up is free !

Does everyone on the call have to pay to be on it?
Yes, and we give everyone a free trial to start!

Is it compatible with all browsers?
HelloOtter is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge.

When I donate to the otters, what does the money go toward?
100% of donations go directly to Georgia Aquarium.

Why otters?
Otters are as fun and playful as our platform. They are born connectors and feel most at home being social. They were the perfect inspiration for our name.